[Sca-cooks] cow butter?

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Tue Jun 8 08:56:59 PDT 2010

>So would 'sweet butter' mean freshly made butter?  Or would it mean that
>it wasn't allowed to sour at all as in the overnight step?  Or was the
>stored butter of a sour quality?  There is also a keg of 'gumpost'
>(compost) which my books suggest was a tub of soured milk.

Modernly, sweet butter means that it isn't salted.  I'm not sure if 
that is the correct distinction in period.  Unsalted butter won't 
keep as long as salted.

>One last question from me.  When I experimented with making croissants a
>while back, one internet source said that European butter was drier than
>the US butter.  Is there a way of drying ours out more?

You could clarify it.. or even melt it and let it cool.


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