[Sca-cooks] Meats to go with Mustard.....

Drucilla Meany-Herbert bookshop at charter.net
Tue Jun 8 09:47:14 PDT 2010


Welp, I can still taste the mustard with preserved meats. Since they are 
mostly just supposed to be an accent not the whole show. Altho I am not 
particularly fond of summer sausage with mustard. Mostly a texture thing 
with me plus love roasted sausage with mustard, am spoiled that way.

There is a class two hours before mine on sausage making that I will 
definitely have to look into!

I really wish I had a period pretzel  recipe. I have never made them 
before so this will be an experiment and think I would prefer having a 
modern recipe this go around...but yes,I would also love a period 
pretzel recipe for future endeavors.

What are jumbles by the way?

Yes, have put up 8 qts...hoping to make 4-6 more qts. Some will go to 
the Roundtable, some to the Barony of Marinus that I am staying with, 
and assorted friends. However, if I don't like the mustards, it isn't 
coming out :( But that very rarely happens. Even those I am meh about, I 
can usually doctor up.

And my husband is bugging me about providing documentation - if ya gotta 
do it, might as well do it right - for those mustards that are period 
and can be documented.

Yes, the  Mustard Roundtable will be a sampler of various mustards by 
various folks not a luncheon or dinner - and a discussion about the arts 
of mustardmaking hopefully for those folks just getting interested in 
the field.


I have seen in my travels various  fruit recipes with mustard in them - 
sounds intriguing - and one of these days think I will try it.

Thanks for the link, I will take a look.

Went through the archives here and found some interesting redacted 
recipes for mustards that I think I will try. Was fussing because I 
didn't have any redacted recipes, just period recipes with no amounts 
given of the ingredients...and you folks made my life alot easier!


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