[Sca-cooks] TV opportunity-- maybe

edoard at medievalcookery.com edoard at medievalcookery.com
Thu Jun 10 08:05:31 PDT 2010

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> From: Gretchen Beck <grm at andrew.cmu.edu>
> OTOH, putting on the computer help desk hat -- I would have serious doubts
> about an employee of a "popular production company and lifestyle network"
> who advertises for people via a gmail address...

Sounded like a headhunter to me.  I saw a lot of it when I was a
database consultant.  It's also possible the project is still in the
nebulous stage and that it will be shopped around, or that the "powers
that be" don't want it known to the general public what their planning.

It is surprising how few professionals in all sorts of fields have their
own domain/email, especially given how cheap it is.

- Doc

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