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I can only echo some of Sir Maythen's sentiments. There are a lot of bacterias, etc... that we need in order to live a healthy life. Not to mention, enjoy many tasty cheeses.

A couple of years ago I ended up with a Staph infection on my skin. My doctor told me to stop using the anti-bacterial soaps because it was killing the bad bacterias that kept the bad bacterias away.

I've been fortunate enough to have access to some raw milk, and I enjoyed my first attempts at cheese making with it.


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1.      E. coli is everywhere.  So I wouldn't get hysterical about it.  Less
of a problem then the salmonella in factory farmed food.

2.      There has been a concerted effort to drive raw milk from the market,
another attempt to save us from ourselves.  So if this farmer actually had
E. coli in his milk, and it wasn't a contamination from the lab test, this
can be fixed without making raw milk even harder to get.

3.      Know your dairy farmer.  I trust mine.  And the California food and
drug folks stay on his case all the time.

Real food is going to be open not only to bacterial, but to other parasites.
That is the way nature works.  It isn't a wonderful safe world out there.
All the additives and inspections and the whole deal, which most of us are
opposed to, were put in place to keep people from dying or going blind, or
whatever, from a wide variety of worms and bacteria.  So whatever we do, for
example, grow a garden or keep chickens, we need to be aware of basic
hygienic practices.  My cats don't seem to have that horrible parasite,
Toxoplasma, which passes in the feces and can cause blindness and death, but
who knows, and they do traipse around my garden.  So do the squirrels,
birds, and probably ten kinds of local rodent. If we are going to live in a
13th century way, we are also going to have to use 21st century scientific
knowledge.  But that doesn't mean we have to go from homemade cheese to
Kraft singles. I'd keep an open mind on the story about the E. coli on the
dairy farm.  Maybe it was; maybe it wasn't; maybe it was a problem which
could be fixed and then we can all move on.  Just an editorial opinion.

Sir Maythen 

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