[Sca-cooks] TV opportunity-- maybe

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 10 14:50:55 PDT 2010

I did not mention the SCA in my work with "The Secret Life of..."  just 
billed myself as a Culinary Historian.  Which sounded better than 
Harmless Historical Nut.

I think the current "job offer" sounds skeevy.  If it had been for Food 
Network or Cooking Channel, they would certainly have said so.


On 6/10/10 2:13 PM, Martha Sieting wrote:
>> So did those members of the SCA who have appeared on the
>> Food Network in the past few years get permission to appear
>> from the SCA prior to making their appearances?
>> OR did they just go ahead and appear?
>> Johnnae

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