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Susan Lin wrote:
<<< I'm sure someone will argue with me but I have read some of the reports and
I believe that we spend way too much time trying to stay "clean" and we
should just live life and clean up afterwards. >>>

 Antonia di Benedetto Calvo then said:
<<< I'm with you!  Getting dirty is good for you! >>>

Okay. That brings us back to something that occurred to me during our recent 'making butter from mommy milk' discussion.

My understanding is that among other things, such as building a bond between mother and child, breast feeding was supposed to boost the immune system of the baby by passing on immunities.

Is this the case? How long do you have to breast feed for a significant amount of immunities to be passed on? Do we know what immunities can be passed on this way? And will the immunities carry through to the next generation?

And finally, people spend a whole bunch of money on nutrients and vitamins and supplements. I'd think if you could take human milk from women who had various immunities already and process this down to extract those anti-bodies or whatever is needed to pass on the immunities that that should be much better than the various supplements available now. I think I'd certainly consider buying such a product.

Some people would say that buying human milk is just another way to exploit women. But you pay someone right now to use their muscles on a construction site. Or to move goods on a production line or in a warehouse, so I don't see a difference. Or another example, is paying someone for blood plasma really different from paying them for milk?

Answers? Opinions?

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