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Phlip commented:
<<< Pick them up from Auntie Arwen. She sells at Pennsic, and has pretty
well picked up where the Pepperer's Guild left a hole in our spices.
She has great stuff- for those of you weak sisters, who'd like to try
a curry powder with incredible flavor, and no heat, you ought to try
her Two Knives blend ;-) But I digress-

Her website is a mess at the moment- her friend and webmaster passed
away recently, but I did find the cubebs. Yes, they're cubebs- I
bought a little stash last Pennsic.


Better order quickly, because it's getting on towards Pennsic, and
things get packed up ahead of time. >>>

For those of you who have wanted to try some of the medieval spice mixes, pouder forte, Strong Black Spice Mixture, Powder Douce, poudre fine etc. you might want to check with Auntie Arwen.

Several years ago, when I was last at Pennsic, I stopped by and talked with her and she only had a few spice mixtures but was wondering what others might be available. I pointed her to this file in the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section of the Florilegium and later sent her the link. She said she would probably be adding some additional mixtures from that file. Unfortunately, I've not been back to Pennsic to check out which ones she might have added.

Her pre-mixed spice mixtures would be a way to easily sample a variety. Or you could probably buy the plain spices and mix them yourself, although since some spices are used in small quantities you might end up with some leftovers that way. Spices and spice mixes make good gifts, both in the Society and out, and make good thank-you gifts for staff and largess.

spice-mixes-msg (104K) 3/ 1/09 Period spice mixtures. Poudre Forte, Douce.

Here's another file in that same section which might be of interest as well.
F-It-spce-mixs-art (8K) 12/25/03 "French & Italian Herb and Spice Mixtures" by THLady Johnnae llyn Lewis.

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