[Sca-cooks] TV opportunity-- maybe

Martha Sieting osermart at msu.edu
Fri Jun 11 04:06:01 PDT 2010

> Actually you are incorrect.
> There were SCA members from Ohio who appeared on Wife Swap.
> http://tribes.tribe.net/askwildcat/thread/134cdb0d-e7b4-4b0d-8bd8-7bec0c7ac9dd
> Johnnae

Sigh.  Fine.  I don't keep up with those shows, nor do I care to spend the time looking them up to find out who has been sucked into them.

Could it really hurt to check something like this out with media relations?  

I realize that other people have gone on TV shows in the past and not mentioned the SCA at all.  Fine.  That does not mean that the TV show's research department won't find out about it and bring it up anyway.

I realize that looking for someone with "strong opinions" may just mean that they want someone who will say what he/she means without prevaricating.  Fine.  It may also mean that they want someone who's going to be forceful enough in what he/she says that it can then be edited to make that person look like a crackpot.

Very few commercial TV producers are looking to make and entirely accurate, authentic, uncontroversial TV show these days, even on the vaunted Food Network.  They're in the business to make money, and the way to do that is to suck in viewers with titillating stuff.  Even Alton Brown does what he does with his props and puppets and characters because it gets viewers to watch the show!

Enough, people.  I wasn't looking to start the next great debate here.  Can we just agree to disagree at this point and be done with it?  If you want to find out more about this "opportunity" or apply for the job, go for it!


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