[Sca-cooks] Real Cubebs?

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Fri Jun 11 12:27:53 PDT 2010

Notes from Dragonmarsh RE: Cubebs and other Peppers
A few years ago there was a canker fungus on the Szechuan  Peppers  that 
threatened the citrus industry.
The FDA banned it's import for over a year. Then the spice industry  
released it for distribution if it was sterilized. This prevented it from  
sprouting and releasing the fungus.  The Szechuan  Peppers  is available but it is 
not as spicy as before  sterilization.  The description of the "other" 
peppers sounds like  Szechuan Peppers . 
Cubeb Berry (Piper cubeba)  are a complete  separate pepper and should not 
be confused with Guinea Pepper -Grains of  Paradise  (Amomum melegeuta). 
They do have different tastes.
We do sell all of the above and more on a regular basis.  For those  
interested in ordering by the pound or more, there is a 20% discount  .   
_www.dragonmarsh.com_ (http://www.dragonmarsh.com) 
Thank you Renata for the referral.
Mora Blackmarsh
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I  get my cubebs from DragonMarsh.com. I'd love to know what those 
not-cubebs  were.


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