[Sca-cooks] Non-SCA food passions?

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I would have to say for SCA, it's a matter of just having the time to myself to get the thoughts behind a couple of classes/articles together. I'd actually like to expand my class handout on period sauces to be a Compleat Anachronist issue... but there is much work that needs to be done in order for that to happen. But I've also been trying to learn more about the humors of specific ingredients, which has led me to work on a translation of a 16th c. herbal.

Non SCA, I've been trying to focus on healthy foods... need to get my body weight into a healthy range... 

The nice thing is, sometimes the two (SCA and Healthy) do overlap. Yummm, Mountain Mushrooms...


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<much snipped>

So, what is your current foodie passion? SCA or otherwise?


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