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I do not usually have a problem with vegetarian options.  There were so many
fast days that the variety is usually there.

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> Myrrim wrote:
>> I wasn't the originator of this question, but can I put my hand up and say
>> 'me too!"  It is always a bit of a problem trying to find a period
>> alternative for vegetarians.
> Odd. It always seems easy to me...
> I have cooked quite a few European feasts in which everything was
> vegetarian except the meat dishes, because we have a number of vegetarians
> around here. The one change i made was when a meat broth to cook vegetables,
> i used a rich vegetable broth instead.
> And while there are not a lot of vegetarian recipes in the Muslim corpus
> (most vegetables are either cooked with meat or served with meatballs), it
> is easy to adapt them, too.
> A meat dish or two in each course for the omnivores, and vegetable and/or
> fruit dishes prepared without meat so the vegetarians can eat them, and a
> grain dish should suffice.
> Here are 2 of the 4 courses from my very first feast. Everything but the
> meats (and the limonada, which is based on chicken soup) is vegetarian.
> * First Course *
> Mild Italian Pork Sausages (meat)
> Chyckens in Gravey (meat)
> Limonada (Lemon Sauce) (meat)
> Rice with Almond Milk (vegetarian)
> Cabbage with Fennel and Apples (vegetarian)
> Funges (Spiced Mushrooms) (vegetarian)
> Crustade Lumbarde (Custard Pie with Dried Fruit) (vegetarian)
> * Second Course *
> Roast Pork Loin (meat)
> Apple Juice Sauce (vegetarian)
> Horseradish-Honey Sauce (vegetarian)
> Garlic Sauce with Walnuts and Almonds (vegetarian)
> Frumenty (Cooked Wheat) (vegetarian)
> Sallat (Salad of Mixed Greens and Herbs) (vegetarian)
> Turnips in Mustard Sauce (vegetarian)
> Baked Buttered Onions and Apples (vegetarian)
> Total:
> 4 meat dishes
> 11 vegetarian dishes (sauces are good on grains or sopped up with bread)
> This was not my best designed feast, although the food was all delicious,
> if i do say so myself, because the dishes were from about 4 different
> centuries and 3 different countries. I had only been in the SCA 1.5 years
> and had only ever attended one feast. After my first feast, barring special
> requests from the autocrat or important guests, i have kept each of my
> feasts to pretty much one country and one century.
> I have made English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greco-Roman, and
> several different kinds of Middle Eastern dishes, and i have never had
> trouble feeding vegetarians.
> I was a vegetarian in the late 1960s/early 1970s and still don't eat meat
> often, and my adult daughter has been a vegetarian since she was 12.
> My feasts and recipes are on my website:
> http://home.earthlink.net/~al-tabbakhah/
> If you would like to ask questions, about them or finding/choosing recipes,
> i am happy to help.
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