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Thu Jun 17 08:48:36 PDT 2010

Eduardo replied to my questions with:
<<< Thanks for the links to the Florilegium. I am not doing period food but I am
sure there will be some inspiration in there. >>>

Yes, that was my idea. I knew you probably weren't limiting yourself to period foods. Most of these files are more sets and lists of ideas than recipes. Alizaunde's in particular is mainly a list of great ideas, one after the other. Sometimes some elaboration on how things could be accomplished but not really specific recipes or even period examples. 

 <<< We do not rent a hall. We have a very large garage that we turn in to a
dining space (pictures on the blog). >>>

Okay, now I do remember you mentioning this from last year or previous years. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I asked you the exact same question then, as well. Sorry.  It seems like it might still be a bit claustraphobic, but this is at night so a lack of natural light wouldn't be missed as much and being in the winter you wouldn't want to open the doors. In many house layouts the garage is fairly close to the kitchen.

And if your garage is one of the few SCA houses that actually has cars in it, rather than being used for storage, it is easy enough to clear them out of the garage. :-)


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