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Not that much (Ye Olde Page School Dean, here) 
If this class is under the Page School System in Meridies, then, the parents sign the student into class, if the student is under 12. 
As long as there are at least 2 card-toting Adults present (proving they have been background checked), then any teacher can teach. 
Meridies follows fairly close to the Boy Scot regulations for sessions. 
Any and all parents/guardians are allowed/encouraged to attend, as well. 

If you offer a class on the Royal University system, you can include whether or not you will accept children as students. 
For example, if I were to do a Breadmaking for Beginners class, I would accept students as young as 9 (older Page School Students). Knife Arts, I wouldn't go younger then 12. 
It all depends on the level of elementary skill a student has-those fine motor skills that children gain over time. 


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Of course teaching children or young people in an SCA setting these days requires all 
sorts of additional hoops be jumped through. 
Lots of additional paperwork etc. 
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