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Margarite said:

<<< You have a point but is King's college the right venue? Perhaps you would
get more takers on a more local venue where you don't have sixty things
going on at once especially as that event tends to draw those who have
already taken an interest in making them selves know to  the laurels.
Cooking 101 is a basic starter course even if its you teaching. >>>

But King's College, at least in Ansteorra, is a teaching event. The entire event is classes. Sometimes outside but usually inside, especially in summer.

The advantage over doing it at a local event is drawing students, and teachers, from all over the kingdom. The classes are for people at all levels from beginners to the more expert. The biggest problem with food type classes at King's College is having a kitchen or kitchens available.

The next King's College is weekend after this coming weekend. Amd i was thinking that it might be difficult for Gunthar to get a class organized by then, even if there was space and since they are running 12 or 13 different tracks there may not be.

Gunthar had said:
<<< I'd like to teach classes to people who are clueless in
the kitchen. Things like basic knife skills (how to dice vegetables, peeling,
julienne, mince, etc...how to break down a chicken, how to carve..), another
in basic cooking skills like sauteeing, deep frying, braise, etc...
So cooking classes for pople that can't cook. >>>

*I'd* be interested in some classes like that! A few different classes of one hour each would be my preference, especially at something like King's College. There are usually so many interesting classes in many different subjects at those, like Pennsic and Gulf Wars, that I can usually fill my entire day with different classes and a two or three hour class really cuts into my time. And increases the chance of me having to make difficult choices of which conflicting classes to take.

Central Market does hold classes like these, but at $35 to $60 per class, the cost can really add up.

Even though these classes really do interest me, I do like to think I can cook. <pout>. Afterall, I've been listening to all the experts here for over ten years. I've just never had any formal training on the basics and picked things up as I could.

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