[Sca-cooks] Teaching Cooking 101

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Fri Jun 18 00:40:41 PDT 2010

>  I'd like to teach classes to people who are clueless in
>the kitchen. Things like basic knife skills (how to dice vegetables, peeling,
>julienne, mince, etc...how to break down a chicken, how to carve..), another
>in basic cooking skills like sauteeing, deep frying, braise, etc...
>So cooking classes for pople that can't cook. It seems that classes are
>usually dedicated in how to do feasts or period dishes or whatever.

I'm not sure those approaches are inconsistent. Elizabeth likes to 
say that some of the male college students who attended our period 
cooking workshops had to be taught how to boil an egg.

After all, period cooking includes peeling, cutting things, braising 
them, ....  . And it may be more interesting to learn those skills in 
the context of learning to actually cook from period recipes which, 
in the SCA context, is a pretty cool thing to do.
David Friedman

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