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Greetings all- A few months back I asked if anyone could recommend some period books on bee keeping. Each and everyone of you who sent article and book recommendations I thank you! 
We have been having a delightful time learning about the history of bee keeping and the relationship with societies and cultures. 
There are two books in particular we would like to have in our personal library. One is in print and the other is sadly out of print. I have my feelers out at my favorite bookstores but if anyone comes by a copy of the Sacred Bee by Hilda M. Ransome. Please let me know. The other book is Bees in America by Tammy Horn. There is a delightful chapter about Queen Elizabeth's bees written by her Master Bee Keeper. The second book is how the European bee got established here in America. It is later period but equally interesting.

Thank you! Tak-Tak!

Since my last post on bees we now have two bee hives. We have added a "super" to the original hive which is literally a second story to the hive. The hive is strong and healthy. We had the opportunity to rescue a young queen and her newly formed swarm. They are much smaller in population but equally active. I don't think we will get much honey from the second hive but we are speculating between 4-5lbs from the first. 
Has anyone written articles on bee keeping?
Bless Bless
Alina the Saami
Aka Lady Aelina Vester-lundr
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