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When I did a casting demo/class I did it over the two days of the collegium. It was a hit because people walked away with a finished project of their own creation and I wasn't frazzled.  Is there a possibility of having a 2 day class?
You would have to announce it a head of time that it will be two days
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> But King's College, at least in Ansteorra, is a teaching event. The entire 
> event is classes. Sometimes outside but usually inside, especially in 
> summer.
> The advantage over doing it at a local event is drawing students, and 
> teachers, from all over the kingdom. The classes are for people at all 
> levels from beginners to the more expert. The biggest problem with food 
> type classes at King's College is having a kitchen or kitchens available.
> The next King's College is weekend after this coming weekend. Amd i was 
> thinking that it might be difficult for Gunthar to get a class organized 
> by then, even if there was space and since they are running 12 or 13 
> different tracks there may not be.
> Stefan

The problem is not having a kitchen, either you do or you don't.  The 
problem at King's College is the one hour class.  Hands on cooking and 
baking often does not fit neatly into the class schedule.  I shoehorned a 
simple baking class into two hours, but I won't try that again.  The simple 
fact is that it takes a lot of time to impart practical knowledge and it is 
better done with a small group and a lot of one-on-one interaction over the 
course of a day or two.


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