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> When I was a kid, my family used to make jelly with them...
> Devra

This is my translation of an elderberry recipe in Kuchenmaisterey of 1529:

It's found in book one, chapter 47

Das xlvii. Capitel.
`Item ein ander holdermuß von beren / Nym die holderber / wasch
sie schön / nym dann weyß gebeets brot / stoß  die ber und das brot mit
guttem wein oder hünerbrü / thu gerißnen leckuchen oder hönig dar-
zu / machs ab mit würzen / treyb es durch ein tuch in einen hafen oder
in ein pfannen. laß wallen und see würtz darauff.
Item wilt du machen ein muß von mußbieren / So thu inen also
den holderberen.

The XLVII Chapter
Item another elderberry sauce [mush] from berries.  Take the elderberries
/ wash
them well [care implied] / take then white dried out bread / grind the
berries and the bread with
good wine or chicken stock / do [add] grated lebkuchen or honey there-
to / make up with spices / force it through a cloth in a pot or
in a pan – let boil and sow [strew] spices thereon.
Item – [if] you want to make a sauce [mush] from cranberries
[lingon/cow/fox berries]/ So do to them as for the elderberries.

The word gebeets can also mean toasted, but I haven't read enough of this
book to specify which treatment the author might mean.  Here I suspect
since the word white is specified that dried may be the desired ingredient
specification.  Lebkuchen/leckuchen is a spice cake that is sweetened with
honey and a mixture of spices.  It could be double baked (zweiback) for
dryness and one sees grated lebkuchen called out in recipes fairly often.

It seems to me that these recipes would make the Scandinavian type berry
soups or perhaps a jelly depending on the amount of pectin in the fruit? 
I note that my Penguin Companion to Food says that elderberries need extra
pectin to set into a jelly and are often mixed with apples or crabapples
for that purpose.

The preceding recipeto this one is for egg dough noodles boiled in milk
prepared with elderberry flowers, then salted and enriched with butter
fat. That sounds good to me.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about elderberries and the
flowers.  I was curious when I translated them in a couple of indices.


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