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On Thu, 17 Jun 2010, Stefan li Rous wrote:

Grace asked about elderberries but then asked about currants:
<<<  I also have a huge crop of currents.  So, do I freeze the currants and use them 'fresh' for my tarts or should I be drying them? >>>

currants-msg (22K) 9/ 3/08 Medieval currants. Red or black currants, not "raisins of Corinth".

Currants show up in a lot of medieval recipes. You might also try going to the top page of the Florilegium an plug "currant" into the search engine there. That should point you to a number of other recipes.


Actually, Stefan, now that I re-read her message she's talking about red 
or black currants, not dried currants which are actually teeny raisins. 
Red and black currants are Ribes rubrum and Ribes nigrum respectively, 
they're in the gooseberry family.

We've talked about the difference between the two different fruits called 
currants on the list before, I know.

Margaret FitzWilliam

Yes, they are different fruits. That is why my description specifically says "not raisins of Corinth".

I tried to capture some of the discussions about the differences as well as information about these red and black currents. And this is what I thought she was talking about.

I not an expert on these, just going by what I thought others have said. If I missed something or I need to modify my file description, I'll certainly take suggestions.


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