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> > I was hoping I might make it to Pennsic, the job market is 
>> suddenly looking a little better. But time was getting short 
>> and now the pre-registration deadline has passed. 
>Hey, it's only twenty dollars different. :-} 
It's also the difference between being in an encampment and single camping, which is practically in a different zipcode these days. 

Sorry, Ranvaig, incorrect.

My husband has been on Land Staff for Pennsic during the last 5 years.  He's been Land One for at least 2 of those years.

Singles Camping is wherever the total number of people that can fit on a block haven't been assigned to a block.  For example, if Block NO8 (this is totally hypothetical, I have no idea off hand how many people can fit on NO8) can fit 500 people on it, and camps totalling 450 people are assigned to it, then there is space for 50 single campers on NO8, and that space has to be left for single campers; it can't be split up and divided between the camps assigned to NO8, and it has to have road access.

So singles camping can be , and usually is, scattered throughout Pennsic.  There is no single area of Pennsic that is reserved for singles camping.  I know for a fact that every sector of Pennsic has some singles camping in it every year, including the Serenghetti - we had singles camping space on NO3 last year.

There is also nothing saying that Stefan's normal camp can't let him camp with them anyway, even if he didn't pre-reg.  There hasn't been any space alloted there for him, but if his friends want to scrunch in a bit and fit him in, they can.  That's completely a private arrangement between him and his campmates, as long as they don't squeeze the tents so tight that they violate the rules about spaces between tents and firepits, etc.

Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle,East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA

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