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Selene Colfox replied to me with:

<< But King's College, at least in Ansteorra, is a teaching event. The 
entire event is classes. Sometimes outside but usually inside, 
especially in summer. >>

Likewise Collegium Caidis.  I sometimes teach a two-hour class for 
children, say 9 and up or so, with pre-prepped items for the kids to 
"finish" [like bread dough and sausages for sausage rolls].  Schedule it 
just before the official lunch hour.  Not much actual "cooking" so I 
bring a toaster oven for the sausage rolls and a crock-pot for spiced 
cider.  A compost sallet [fun to mix] and a Castle Cake complete the 

I think the "textbook" is in the Florilegium, isn't it?

I don't think so. I did have a disk crash back in 2003 and lost some stuff then. Here is what I have on children and cooking.

In the CHILDREN section:
chd-ck-clsses-msg (12K) 1/ 3/01 Children's cooking classes.

feedng-tddlrs-msg (10K) 9/28/09 Feeding toddlers at SCA events.

p-cook-child-art (8K) 1/25/06 "Bored? Period Cooking For the Next
Generation!" by Mistress Andrea MacIntyre

p-rcipes-chld-art (17K) 6/ 1/05 Recipes from Mistress Christianna MacGrain's
pamphlet on period dishes for child cooks.

In the FEASTS section:
child-kitchen-msg (25K) 11/22/00 Having children in the kitchen during feast preperation.

I would certainly be interested in getting this "textbook" and permission to add it. The copyright remains with the author and I'm happy to add a link back to personal or other websites, where readers can find more work by an author.


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