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Are you interested in a German (Wecker's) version?  Basically it has
instructions on how to clean and prepare the snail itself and the shell. 
The cleaned snails are dried and mixed with salt, pepper, a little clove,
and well chopped parsley. A spoonful of meat stock with a little wine or
vinegar and "a good piece of sweet butter" are put into the cleaned
shells, and then the seasoned snail back in.  It is cooked in a wide flat
"kachel" (better than on the grill it says)in a meat stock over  coals and
with coals heating the top of the dish on a lid or support.  They should
cook as long as it takes to cook as eggs.  They are served hot with a side
brew that contains the filling ingredients and whatever is left from the
cooking poured over the top if you are serving on a plate.  Or you can
serve them in the kachel, which is an earthenware pot of some sort (and
also the word for an oven). One can also optionally keep them warm by
setting them in a pastry shell.

If you are interested and would like, I could attempt to translate the
passage as written.  You can see the transcription on Gloning's page
"Weiter von den Schnecken" in part 4 of Anna Wecker's cookbook.

who would love to come and play at the playdate if she can find a ride
Friday in the evening...

> I have a few cans of snails left over from our New Year¹s celebrations and
> thought that it would be fun to play with them at the cook¹s encampment at
> AnTir West War.
> Does anyone have any recipes (preferably after 1450).
> Thanks
> Eduardo

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