[Sca-cooks] Snails? [More German Recipes]

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Mon Jun 21 09:40:05 PDT 2010

> I have a few cans of snails left over from our New Year¹s celebrations and
> thought that it would be fun to play with them at the cook¹s encampment at
> AnTir West War.
> Does anyone have any recipes (preferably after 1450).
> Thanks
> Eduardo

Hi Eduardo,
I found a few more German snail recipes in Rontzier’s ‘Kunstbuch von
Mancherley Essen’ (1598).  I’d be interested if Ranvaig found any in
Rumpolt and if these are plagiarized?

Still no garlic, but after seeing this, it seems that the seasoning of the
snails is rather free form.  I do like the idea of a presentation in the

There are two sections, one for large snails, the other for small ones.

Large snails
There are instructions for cleaning.
1.	 The first recipe is similar to Wecker’s - chopped parsley, butter,
pepper and served in the shell – salted at the table.
2.	The snails are mixed with rosemary and butter, and then cooked in a pot
with venison stock, cut lemons, peppers, grated bread, butter and stewn
with salt and pepper at service.
3.	Lime, majoram, butter, pepper and whole mace (one assumes same prep as
4.	Fry/bake snails in butter, lay them over pomegranate [seeds] and pour
wine over them.  Force pomegranate through a hair cloth –  serve when sour
enough strewn with salt and pepper.
5.	Chopped chervil, salt, pepper, served in shell with stock and wine

Small Snails
1.	 Boil, wash with salt and water, put in pot with milk, fresh butter and
pepper.  (Can put a bit of water on them)
2.	Fried in butter, add mace, pepper and a bit of vinegar, strew with salt
at service.
3.	Fried with cut apples and onions in butter – add pepper or strew it on
at service.
4.	Snails stewed with added wine and fresh butter, plus pepper and ground
ginger.  Strew with ginger and salt on service.

So many options!


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