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Respected friends:
--- On Sat, 6/19/10, Claire Clarke <angharad at adam.com.au> wrote:

> Angharad
The problem is that I must replace _both_ -- actually, all three, since I
also can't have the wheat flour my family always used for the starch
component. In addition, I can't have artificially flavored or colored
If it were just the butter, I could use organic margarine; the flavor would
be worse, but tolerable. If it were just the milk, some soymilks are not
actively appalling. If it were just the wheat, somebody somewhere has
probably figured out a non-gluten substitute. All three? So far, the front
runner is library paste.

Hmmm, I begin to see your point. Have you tried rice milk? I've never had
call to use it myself but I have used rice flour to thicken things (eg to
make strawberye or friseye) and it can be fairly pleasant. If you can get
the texture somewhat tolerable, you could try infusing the 'milk' with onion
and cloves. 


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