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This is a term that can be searched in the Middle English Dictionary
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brand-reth (n.) Also brand-rith, -rath, -ret & -let, -led, brend-let,  

[ON (cp. OI brand-reið) & OE brandrd, -red(a, -rida.]


(a) A grate, gridiron, or trivet for supporting cooking utensils above  
a fire; (b) a gridiron for torture.

(a)  (1360) Invent.Monk-Wear.in Sur.Soc.29   152:  In coquina..ij  
brandreths.  (1400) Will York in Sur.Soc.45   14:  j brandereth cum vj  
barrez ferri.  (c1422) Invent.Norwich in Nrf.Archaeol.12   202:  ij  
pothokys, ij brendled, j fleshhok.  (1440) PParv.(Hrl 221)   47:   
Brandelede [Win: braynloyde]: Tripes.  c1440 Thrn.Med.Bk.(Thrn)    
7/29:  Tak grene 3erdis of esche & lay þam ouer a brandrethe & make a  
fire vnder þam.  (1459-60) Acc.R.Dur.in Sur.Soc.99   89:  It. j magnum  
Brandreth cum ij costeris, et j parvum Brandreth.  (1465) Acc.R.Dur.in  
Sur.Soc.99   244:  Item j brandreth cum iiijor costis ferreis. Item j  
brandreth rotundum.  (1465) Paston   4.202:  ij rakks of yron, ij  
brendeletts.  ?a1500 Lndsb.Nominale (Lndsb)   769/26:  Hic tripes: a  

(b)  c1450 St.Eras.(Add 36983)   p.203:  Þe xliii [passion] was  
brennyng on a brandlete bounden þerto.


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