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Errps! My husband just corrected me on the butter substitute. He was raised in Wisconsin dairy country. Real butter taste is really important him. The name of the "butter" is Earth Balance Natural buttery spread. I hate margarine and the taste and texture of it and I was really surprised by Earth Balance.
Ingredients: nartural oil blend (soybean,palm and canola and olive), water, pure salt, natural flavors (derived from corn, no msg, no alcohal and no gluten), soy protein, soy lechithin, lactic acid from sugar beets and annatto for color.
We have used it in baking and most importantly, mac n cheese.
Aelina the Saami
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Respected friends:
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> Milk substitutes are coconut, almond,
> soy, hemp, and rice.
> Butter substitutes are margerines (read labels as some
> contain a milk
> by-product for taste), coconut butter, and lard.
> Wheat flour substitute
> As was mentioned arrowroot, potato starch, rice flour,
> tapioca
     Actually, I already have these ingredients. The problem is combining any (or all) of them in a way that produces something that tastes like, if not real white sauce, at least food. 
As I mentioned earlier, so far my best effort-- canola oil, soymik and corn starch-- produced quite acceptable library paste.

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