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Honour/Alizaundre de Brebeuf said about almond milk:
Jennifer said:
> <<< With all three taken care of you don't need to worry
> about replacing the starch or the fat, they are already
> there.>>>
 Ooh! I am so going to try this! Thank you.

Ah, yes. Jennifer's comments make sense. We've talked before about methods to extract almond milk and how to get a richer and thicker consistency. There are also the almond "butter"/almond "cheese" items, which start with almond milk.
almond-milk-msg (115K) 4/13/10 Making almond milk. Recipes. Deskinning nuts

alnd-mlk-chs-msg (16K) 4/11/10 Period almond milk cheese. Cheese and butter-like compounds make from almond milk.

These are in the Florilegium FOOD section. There is also this one in the FOOD-SWEETS section. I think this last one made add some more stuff, but it may just be a sweetener.
almond-cream-msg (28K) 2/ 7/08 A sweet custard filling used in sotelties.

Maybe these will help or at least give you some ideas if you need to change the texture of regular almond milk. I think the first file also has some commentary on the commercial almond milk.

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