[Sca-cooks] Creamy recipes from Rontzier

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Wed Jun 23 16:14:45 PDT 2010

I love creamy desserts!  I am thinking what I could possibly bring to 16th
century day at An Tir West War, and since I am dessert oriented, I've been
looking all around my source material.

I thought others might be interested in these two, especially as the first
is a period recipe for cream cheese.  And at least that one is Low Carb, I
mention, snickering.  I think this cream cheese recipe would be a good
addition to the florilegium entry.

Wecker has a great pie with strawberries or gooseberres or there's another
Rontzier recipe that looks really good with layers of wafers and
evaporated milk - something unique as far as I've seen so far. I think
I'll play at translating that tonight.

I've transcribed the German without the diacritical marks for the digest
folk (double ss, ue etc.)  Does anyone know what rc. means as an
abbreviation in German?

These are from Rontzier's "Kunstbuch von Mancherley Essen" dated 1598

Von Flot Kesen
Man thut Laue in Flot das es ruenne /
gibts darnach in Formen oder durchschlege das die
Waddecke dadurch lauffe / gibts darnach in ein Sil-
ber / und frisch Flot darueber / wescht Erd: oder hei-
delbirn in Wein auss und gibt sie auch darueber / etc.

About Cream Cheese
One adds rennet in cream so it curdles /
give it next in a form or sieve that the
whey there-through runs / give it forth in a sil-
ver [dish] / and fresh cream there over / wash straw- or
bilberries [huckleberries] out in wine and place them over the top / etc.

Von Eyerkesen
Mann schlegt Eyer mit Flot und
Milch durch / ruerts umb unnd lests einmahl
auffsieden / gibts darnach in Formen / dar-
nach vermischet man Eyerdotter mit Flot / Rosen
wasser unnd Zucker / lests auffsieden / gibts darueber
wenn mans wil zu tisch geben unnd besprenget mit
Zucker und kleinem Rosin oder Erdbirn / etc.

About Egg Cheese [Custard]
One beats egg with cream
and milk together / stirs it around and lets it one time
simmer / give it then in a form [mold] / there-
next mixes one egg yolks with cream/ rose-
water and sugar / let it simmer / give it over
when one wants to give it to the table and sprinkle with
sugar and small raisins or strawberries/ etc.

Who is sending fair warning that she is in evil dessert mode.

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