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OK, so then the next thing to get sorted out is what is meant by "must."  I
was under the impression that modern wineries interpreted this to mean
what's left over after the juice is squeezed from the grape.  But I'm now
seeing that it is, rather, juice that has not been fermented...in other
words, it's been squeezed from the fruit, with all seeds, skins, pulp
removed.  Is that correct?  If so, then should I be able to take some
grapes, squeeze them, strain them then boil down the resulting juice to 1/3
of its original volume and produce sapa?


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> Bear answered my questions about sapa with:
> <<<
> To quote Flower and Rosenbaum...
> "Now about the preparation of 'defrutum,' 'caroenum,' and 'sapa.'  Although
> all three are made from the same substance, namely from must, the nethod of
> their preparation modifies both their names and their properties.  For
> 'defrutum' has its name from "boiling down," and it is ready when it it is
> reduced to a thick consistency.  'Caroenum' is ready when it is reduced to
> one-third of its volume with two-thirds remaning, 'sapa,' when it has been
> reduced to one-third.  The latter is improved when quinces are cooked with
> it and fig wood is added to the fire." >>>
> And later he concluded:
> <<< Sapa is primarily an ingredient for sauces although ISTR one recipe
> where it
> is used as a condiment.  Apicius tends to use defrutum, which is definitely
> lighter (and I suspect sweeter) rather than sapa. >>>
> Okay, maybe I have this straight. It sounds like sapa is the one that is
> reduced more, to 1/3 of its original volume.
> So wouldn't the thicker one be sweeter since it contains more concentrated
> sugar, so it sounds like sapa should be sweeter than the lighter defrutum.
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