[Sca-cooks] More on sapa/saba

Donna Green donnaegreen at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 24 10:28:49 PDT 2010

> My local Persian market is selling unripe grapes in the
> produce section this week.  I don't expect them to last long! 
> They look like little green peas on bunchy grape stems. 

> Cheers,
> Dame Selene

I got some unripe grapes at the Farmers Market last year ... made good juice :-)

> David Walddon wrote:
> > This is my next step as a good verjuice is
> > hard to find. I am down to one bottle!
> > Eduardo 

I'll bring a bottle of the verjuice I've been getting locally to West An Tir for you to try out. It isn't the Navarro stuff ... I get it from the French food importer (oh, the marvelous cheese). If you like it, I can get you lots more.

Juana Isabella


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