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Here please!  It's not like we can get skyr much outside of Iceland, 
apparently.  Also for whey soup and anything else you would like to share.

Also, please explain a bit more about Hvalliki (fake whale blubber).  
For some reason I am intrigued, I guess it's that whole mystique of 
"illusion foods".


On 6/24/10 4:47 PM, yaini0625 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I will be then happy to share my skyr recipe. Should I post it here or elsewhere?
> Aelina
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> Hmmm, I have to admit I'm curious about the term "secondary meats"; are those meats from less-commonly eaten critters, or trimmings, organs, or what? And did they just treat it as we would a brine/pickling solution today? In terms of skyr, getting a back issue of the Anachronist up here would be problematic at best. Would you be willing to share the recipe you translated (smiling winsomely and batting his eyes)? I've heard that one Swedish dairy making and selling skyr, but I've never seen it. I'm wondering though how it differs from farskost (fresh cheese, somewhere beteen labneh and cream cheese in texture), which is everywhere-perhaps they just changed what they call it?
> Hejsan
> Dan
> on 22/6/10, Aelina wrote wrote:
>> Another use for whey in Icelandic cooking is skyr. There
>> was a recent Creative Anachronist that had recipes for skyr.
>> I also have a recipe that I got in Iceland and recently
>> translated it. Now, I have heard that the recipe for skyr
>> had disappeared in mainland Scandinavia and only survived in
>> Iceland. Skyr is like my survival food.
>> In past centuries, whey was mixed with water and was an
>> everyday drink. Very much like the modern day whey power
>> drinks you can get in powder form GNC.
>> In Iceland, (th)orblot festivals serve foods in two ways.
>> Sour or non-sour. The sour food is pickled in extra strong
>> skyrmysa (whey) for several weeks. The "sour" foods are
>> Hrutspungar (sheep testicles),Hvalsplk (whale
>> blubber),Lundabaggar (pickled secondary meats),Bringukollar
>> (breast meat), Selshrelfar (very rare-seal's flipper) and
>> Hvalliki (fake whale blubber). There is also slatur (liver
>> sausage) 
>> Mysa is whey that was drunk.
>> I also have a recipe for whey soup.
>> As I understand, whey is the fat protein that floats to the
>> top during cheese making. "Curds and whey"- It is high in
>> protein and calories. 
>> Aelina the Saami

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