[Sca-cooks] siege cooking ingredient ideas sought

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Respected friends:
     Once again, I prepare for Maison Rive's annual Pennsic siege cooking
contest. This year, in addition to the usual request for judges and
participants, I've finally realized I need to pick your collective brains...
     Where-and when-ever your persona/specialty/cookbook collection is from,
what would you give out for the ten items provided in a siege cooking
ingredient bag? (The contestants provide salt and herbs/spices.)
I've always included a protein, a fat, a starch, a sweet, a sour, a
vegetable and a fruit. The rest can get pretty whimsical.
     Another version: the available foods would be quite different for a
battlefield meal, since the scouts can buy (or steal) fresh items. What
would you include in that bag?

For the battlefield meal...
A rabbit (or two), a large bunch of mixed fresh herbs, some fruit (apples,
blackberries or if you're really feeling cruel, crabapples), mushrooms,
honey, eggs as things they might be able to find wild.
Bacon, onions, bread, oil, wine or ale, as provisions they would likely be
carrying - and extra points to those who realise breadcrumbs can be used as
a substitute for flour.


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