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I've turned to the dictionary and Stainl's 1596 cookbook to try to make a
bit more headway as to the meaning.

The Grimm Dictionary and the Mittelhoch-deutsche Woerterbuch both use the
word hippe, which is the word for a wafer outside of a specific usage. 
There is also an occupation of a hippebaecker, which lends credence to
Anna Wecker instructions to get oblaten as large as one can get.

I'm very much interested in trying to understand the meaning of oblate(n)
in relationship to the recipes for filling them.  I'd like to at least
make an educated guess.

So in comes Staindl for more enlightenment.  He has recipes for 2 separate
kinds of filled oblaten.  One the older fig/raisin filling and the other a
spice mixture that has the word "Spicedulum" which seems in context an
apothocary preparation.  I haven't looked yet but I digress.

Immediately following the recipe for the filled oblate(n) comes the recipe
for holhippen, or rolled wafers. I thought I would share my translation so
far.  There is a reference I don't quite understand when the instructions
mention a salueteig.  So is this 'salve' as in salvation and Salve Regina
or 'salbei' as in sage?  It's not the first time I've seen this, I think,
but I can't see what would be special about a sage dough - maybe it is the
dough used for the host wafer because of it being used in the iron?

Another question I had was about the reference to bitter or sharp.  At
first I thought it might mean crisp, but then I couldn't find any evidence
of this in the dictionaries.  But as I thought on it if you let the sugar
wafer burn at all it does get bitter.  Is this line properly translated
for desire of bitterness, or a warning to not let it get overdone as the
next bit is about not letting the iron get too hot?

Staindl's rolled wafer recipe - diacritical marks replaced.

Von Holhippen am ersten
Mit Zucker bach es also / weich ein Zucker
ein / in ein lawes Wasser / das er zergeht /
vnnd mach einen teyg mit dem selben was-
ser / vnnd von waitzen meel / zeuech ihn fein
ab / gueuss immerzu eintzig / biss er dick wirt /
als ein duenner Saluenteig / nimb dann von
eim Ay oder zwey den dotter / ruer es darun-
der / vnd ein wenig zerlassen schmaltz / lass dann das Eysen er-
hitzen / geuess mit einem loeffel darauff / vndd trucks zu / hebs
vbers fewr / stip den teyg / darnach du es herb wilt haben /
misch offt / sich das eysen nit zu heiss werd / es verbrendt sich
sonst / die Ayrdotter machen sonst das gern ab dem Eysen
gehen.  Mit dem honig / nimb ein honig / thue es vndter ein
warms wasser / vnd treibs fein ab / wie oben steht / thue auch
ein dotter oder zwen darunder / sie gehn lieber vom eysen / die
mit dem zucker duerffen gar wol eylens / dann sie werden geh-
ling roesch / man mag zu zeyten honig vnd zucker durch einan-
der nemen / sie gehn auch gern vom eysen.

[This entry is #1 in book six]

On Rolled Wafers as the first [item]
With sugar bake it thus / soften a sugar
whole / in a tepid water / that it dissolves /
and make a dough with the same wat-
er / and from wheat flour / it thickens itself
/ pour continually until combined / until it becomes thick /
as a thin salve*-dough / take then from
an egg or two the yolks / stir it there-
under / and a bit [of] melted fat / let then the iron
heat up / pour with a spoon upon it / and press it closed / lift
it over fire / turn the dough / according to the sharpness [taste] you want/
meddle with it often / that the iron doesn’t become too hot / and otherwise
burn itself / the egg yolks otherwise make [it] easily from the iron
come off / With the honey / take a honey / do it into a
warm water / and thicken well up / as stated above / put also
a yolk or to there under / the go well on the iron / the
[ones] with sugar may [be] well done hurridly / then they will be
badly browned / one may at times honey and sugar take mixed together
take / they go quite easily from the iron


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