[Sca-cooks] cow butter?

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Mon Jun 28 15:22:42 PDT 2010

> Hello all, due to my vacation I have over 70 posts to work through so I am
> late,...
> Schmalz (in Germany and Austria most likely rendered porkfat) can also be
> Butterschmalz with the butter omitted:  rendered butter akin to ghee.
>  karapfen or other sweet yeast dough bakery goods baked in fat today uses
> either  pork and or butter-schmalz or a mix of both,  Butterschmalz gives
> Krapfen the buttery taste without burning the dough.
> 4 types of butter:
> I would assume that sweet butter is like today made from sweet (cream) and
> not soured (sourcream) milk.
> May and Summer butter is made from milk collected during May (spring
> pastures are very rich in herbs) and "summer" meaning milk from Cows out
> to
> pasture or having been fed at least on fresh grass and has a distinct,
> richer flavor (especially may butter).
> I have not yet come across the term of anken but it seems still to be used
> for butter in Switzerland. (see alemanisch wiki
> http://als.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butter)
> as to goat butter: the one I got here in our bio food store was white,
> goaty, and not very *fatty* in texture. For a middleeuropean used to only
> cow butter very strange tastig.
> Katharina

Thank you for the clarification Katharina!  It is most appreciated.


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