[Sca-cooks] miniature grapes

Claire Clarke angharad at adam.com.au
Tue Jun 29 05:05:43 PDT 2010


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Dame Selene said:

<<< My local Persian market is selling unripe grapes in the produce section
this week.  I don't expect them to last long!  They look like little
green peas on bunchy grape stems.  Happily, they also sell bottled
verjus all year round. >>>

Did you taste any of these grapes? Were they sour tasting?

The reason I ask was that a year or two ago, I saw in my local grocery what
looked like small bunches of miniature, green table grapes and bought some.
I don't remember these as tasting that much different than the green, table
grapes. I don't remember them tasting very sour. I just figured they were a
miniature variety.

Unfortunately, I've not seen them for sale since then, nor do I remember
what time of year they were being sold.

Small immature grapes are quite different looking from mature grapes. They
are opaque and quite firm. They look a bit like gooseberries to my mind (but
less hairy!). I would not even think about eating them at this stage. Even
when they have become translucent they are still unripe and can be quite
sour. This is the stage verjuice is made.


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