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Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 18:19:25 PDT 2010

I have used dry ice in good quality Igloos all the time.  We have to in Caid, especially in the summer.  

I do not put the dry ice in the bottom, but rather, I put it on either the left or right side of the Igloo.  In front of the dry ice, I place a big block of ice.  This buffering the dry ice is so that everything is kept very, very cold, but not necessarily frozen.  Since there will be room next to the dry ice that isn't buffered, I keep the things I want frozen there. 

I managed to keep that block of regular ice frozen for five days, using dry ice.  It only started to melt after the dry ice evaporated the last day.


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> Again, I appreciate everyone's
> solutions.  Most of these are things that we
> already do. I was hoping that someone had had experience
> with the type of
> chest freezer I've described.  I'm told that they work
> better than coolers
> and would make it so that we could put dry ice in the very
> bottom with a
> plywood separator on top and then the things we want to
> keep cold on top of
> that.
> Yes, the quality of your cooler makes a huge
> difference.  Both of our
> coolers are the 5-day variety made by Igloo...one of them
> is a
> commercial-type cooler that even came with a set of
> all-terrain wheels!
> Others in our group do not have these types of coolers and
> it would
> represent a saving for them if they didn't have to turn
> around and purchase
> one!
> But, as I said, I do appreciate all of the suggestions!
> Kiri


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