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Wed Jun 30 06:48:13 PDT 2010

It is my understanding (which may be incorrect) that there is a specific 
waiver process  whereby the Prfesident may waive parts of the Act, but that 
it requires a number of Boards and Commissions to affirm that such a waiver 
does not affect their sections of the U.S. Code.  The law doesn't cause much 
problem with deep water operations and the inshore clean up is probably best 
handled by locals.

What concerns me is inshore containment methods (boom, etc.) do not appear 
to have constant tending.  That and some of the reported problems with beach 
cleaning, suggest to me that much of BP's effort is for show rather than 
effect.  Hurricane season will add its own ugly dimension and we are likely 
to see oil on Texas beaches.

I wonder if I can drill for oil on the lot in Ocean Springs, Mississippi?


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And one would think that they could suspend that law for the duration of
this emergency...or so it would seem to me...or make the suspension specific
to this situation.  I just fret that things are moving so slowly and we're
into hurricane season, which could make the situation even worse!


> There has been some mention of the Jones Act being in the way.  This act
> limits the use of foreign crews inside three miles of the U.S. Coast and,
> IIRC, requires ships with foreign crews to make a non-US port of call
> between dockings in the US.  The administration is in the process of 
> getting
> a legal waiver of the Act for this emergency, but it really doesn't effect
> efforts on the high seas.
> Bear

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