[Sca-cooks] elderberries/flowers

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
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Hello all!

first to answer Stefan's question if holderpluet ( can also be plud/pluem) 
is flowers: YES!!!! Yummy/tasty: dried good for tea, FRESH delicious mostly 
made into hollerstrauben, You WANT to have a sambuca nigra shrub in your 
garden (well, we do at home in Carinthia and in Austria this is a wild shrub 
all over the countryside, making collecting flowers and berries easy ;-)

And again yes you remeber correctly there seems to be a rumpold recipe: we 
did discuss Hollerstrauben (the question was a recipe for elderberry/flower 
tart)and Stefan posted a excerpt of his flower mesage file:

an excerpt from a message by Thomas

- -- Not a tart, but an interesting recipe in Rumpolt: Take the
elderflowers on the stalk (?), wash them and put them into a hot, sweet
dough, then cook them in hot fat and put sugar onto it (the German text
is online in the 'Gebackenes'-chapter of Rumpolt; #13). I heard that
this is still made in Bohemia today.

so here is the not so modern version.

I would not wash as you loss flowers by washing, have not checked the 
original yet.


btw elderberry jelly is a good acompaniement  for game meat, either by 
itself or a mix of cranberries (either variant: american or Eurpoean) or 
rowan berries (european mountain ash or rowan Sorbus aucuparia) or Cornelian 
cherry (Cornus mas)

Another question is the weckerin book on line?

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>> elderberries/ flowers
>> btw a very tasty *modern or not so modern, if you search long enough*
>> recipe
>> is to take the flowerheads with just opened flowers, do not wash but only
>> shake them very well to get rid of any crawlies, then make  a thin
>> wine/beer
>> or water dough, dip them in the dough and fry in hot oil. serve dusted
>> with
>> sugar or if you do not have a sweet tooth you can even serve it with
>> salad.
> Oh ho, I think I have seen something like this recipe in one of the period
> German cookbooks.  I am sadly in need of a master index (which is
> something I'm working on!)
> Katherine

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