[Sca-cooks] Kochbuch der Maria Stenglerin (Augsburg 1554)

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Wed Jun 30 15:29:54 PDT 2010

Oh squee Johnnae!

Although it's not a facsimile, it is wonderful. First read through I
discovered both the word waffel and Waffel Eisen (page 27)which relates
back to an earlier post about oblaten.  So those words were clearly used
in Germany and it does looks like the transcription is faithful to the
common variant spellings from the 16th century.  The waffles made from a
dozen eggs, a half a mas of sweet milk, clarified butter, flour and yeast
(leavening).  They are allowed to rise and then are cooked on the waffle
iron.  Nom.  (Anyone remember the waffle wiffer?  That would be me...)

A recipe for rose honey looks intriguing.  And I like the apothocary
section at the end from pages 33 - 40 with various flavored waters and

I thank the wonder reference woman once again :)


> I've had a note from Thomas Gloning that he has a new
> German cookbook available as a .pdf on his website.
> It's a 19th century reprint of a cookbook (or cookery mss.) dated 1554.
> Das Kochbuch der Maria Stenglerin (Augsburg 1554) (PDF).
> http://www.uni-giessen.de/gloning/tx/stenglerin-kochbuch-1554.pdf
> Johnnae

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