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So, if anyone likes/wants, I can collect some of their favorite taste-good,
appeal-to-moderns, camp-capable recipes and submit them as a group to TI.

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Ian --

Rather than publish your original missive as a letter to the editor, I will
add to the TI Article Wish List a request for cooking and camp
cooking-related articles, I hope ultimately producing the desired result.

As to the recipes in "Hints For War Camp Cooks":  Indeed, one was Duchess
Ilissa the Nightwatcher's recipe for "People Chow".  The other, submitted by
Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, was for Musammana, a  medieval Islamic skillet
pastry that is as suited to a camp kitchen as it to a feast kitchen.  I
mentioned them to illustrate that when we solicited TI readers and webpage
visitors for possibly SCA period, definitely camping-friendly recipes, we
received those two, and printed them.

In Issue 178, the author of "Feasting At War" did not include specific
recipes or redactions in her article featuring the menus of six themed
household feasts at Pennsic, encompassing at least one dozen named main
dishes and more side dishes.  The author did in many instances describe
their on-site preparation.

By all means, see what interest there is on the Cooks list in writing
articles for TI, whether on specific culinary traditions and dishes, recipe
redaction, menu selection, or Society period cooking for modern palates. I
look forward to seeing what submissions may come of it.  Visit <
http://www.sca.org/ti/pdf/guidelines.pdf  > to look at TI's article
submission specifications and guidelines.

Thanks again for your letter and your interest.  I remain yours in service
to *Tournaments Illuminated *--

Riordan MacGregor

I am a member of the SCA-Cooks list.  But I do my cooking mostly for myself
and a very small group.  And I'm no expert.
 I did not, originally, intend the letter for publication, but feel free to
publish it.  If I recall the submissions for the article you mention, they
were things like "people chow," which is period-oid, but not actually
documentable as period.
My problem with most period cooks is that they don't know how to distinguish
between foods that appeal to modern tastes, and foods that don't.  And some
of the foods that do aren't really camping-preparable.  They require a feast
I recently attended a feast of period foods, but the cooks hadn't actually
tried the dishes, apparently, because with the proportions as made, they
tasted.....well, let's just say it put some people off medieval food, which
I think is a shame, considering the good foods available.
Anyway, I can certainly ask the list for submissions.  If you want me to
forward them to you, I certainly can.

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 9:07 AM, <tieditor at sca.org> wrote:

>  Ian --
> Thanks for your letter, and your interest; it is a pleasure to hear from TI
> readers!  First let me ask:  Did you send your letter also meaning it to
> appear in a future TI issue as an official letter to the editor?  If so, I
> will schedule it for publication.  (Perhaps its appearance will spark
> pertinent submissions.)
> *Tournaments Illuminated* welcomes submissions on all topics within the
> Society's period and area of historical focus, and staff reach out to
> various SCA communities and work with authors to spark and then shepherd as
> many articles as possible successfully through the TI publication process.
> That said, as my predecessor Mistress Doria Tecla once observed, we can only
> print what we actually receive.
> TI is pleased to offer content featuring Society period recipes.
> redactions, and a focus on SCA cooking both indoors and out, whenever
> possible.  About two years ago in TI Issue 173, the Quest Article topic was
> "Hints For War Camp Cooks".  As you may know, Quest articles are made up of
> submissions from TI readers.  When submissions were solicited for this
> topic, readers were asked not only for hints on how best to set up and run a
> camp kitchen, but also specifically for recipes that worked well in an SCA
> camping context.  Two recipes were received; both appeared in the article.
> Inspired by that Quest article, a reader submitted a piece eventually
> featured in TI Issue 178 (2nd Quarter 2011), highlighting Society period
> themed menus and dishes used by the cooks of her household in their Pennsic
> feasts (athough it should be noted that, descriptive though it is, that
> article contains no actual recipes).
> Back issues of TI are available for purchase from the SCA Stock Clerk.  You
> might like to check the index of articles by title and see if any of the
> cooking articles are of interest to you (they are, indeed, listed under the
> heading "Cooking").  Here is a link to that section of the index:
> http://www.sca.org/ti/topic.html#C
> Are you yourself a member of the SCA-Cooks list, or do you know people who
> are?  Some TI contributors are, or have been, SCA-Cooks list members.  If
> you are in a position to raise interest in possible future feasting, food
> and cooking related contributions to TI, among members of any cooking guild
> or cooks' list, be it local, kingdom or SCA-wide, certainly I invite you to
> do so.  You might even like to consider writing such an article yourself;
> sometimes the best approach is to write and submit an article of the sort
> that you would like to see.
> Thanks again for your letter!  I await your word on its possible "Letter To
> The Editor" status.
> Best wishes --
> Riordan MacGregor
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> Subject: Tournaments Illuminated suggestion
>  Would like to see recipes; two categories:  actual medieval recipes (with
> modern measuring units) that are tastiest, and some of those same recipes
> that are good for campouts.  The SCA-Cooks list would probably love to
> contribute.
> Just seen too many awful-tasting feasts.  And there is some medieval food
> that appeals to modern palates.
> --
> Ian of Oertha

Ian of Oertha

Ian of Oertha

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