[Sca-cooks] The Castillian Accent

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 14:54:38 PDT 2011

A sca member privately wrote me:
> Any North American woman would punch such a person in the nose without 
> a second thought!
> On Tue, 2 Aug 2011, Suey wrote:
>> endearingly. They call north American women: "my little gringa."
Everything depends on the context in which phrases are executed. "My 
little gringa" can be very endearing.
One day waiting for the school bell to ring for our children to go into 
school in Madrid, a British woman said to an American married to a 
Spaniard, "ah so you are a colonist?"  In my humble opinion, the 
American should have socked the Brit in the gut! It also had degrading 
connotations against "greasy wet back Spaniards." The American waited, 
not saying a word. Within a few months the Brit found out that this 
American was married to one of the three most important Spaniards in the 
country at that time. The Brits' husband's job could have been in 
jeopardy had the Spanish husband found out about the insult. It was 
enjoyable watching the Brit squirm in front of the American after that.
     I think I recently received a message that said something like - 
why argue with an idiot?

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