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I hope I am going to start receiving comments in my blogs: 
I only see Ana Valdes as a SCA follower as far as I know.
My layout is an explanation in English of the Spanish word found in 
medieval texts, now I have been adding a photo and a recipe, in most 
cases adapted from one of our Spanish medieval texts. What I would 
appreciate from you is comments. Mila, a faithful Spanish friend, 
hopefully will be sending some like this in the near future:
     Alfenique, sweet almond paste: That is so funny! We use this as an 
expression to mean skinny, weak and feeble.
    Algarroba, carob bean, carob tree. During famines in Spain people 
ate the beans. It rings a bell, Pizarro and other conquistadors from 
Estremadura dying of hunger ate them and acorns. I am sure you will get 
to acorns. . .
     Alforjas, pig jaw. Its the basis for the authentic past 
all'amatriviana; when I lived in Italy they told me that the original 
recipe came from L'Aquila, Abruzaos. What we have today is called la 
carrillada or carrillera, which is the vogue in Iberia!  -
My comment: Anyone know anything about that?
     Alioli, without a doubt there are many superstitions about making 
mayonnaise and ali oil, garlic sauce. Mom said that "in her time" when 
having one's period, one should not make alioli as it can made it curdle 
due to the humors and nerves. Rings a bell thinking of Americo Castro 
and the Jewish-Muslim influence - not to prepare certain things on 
"impure" days????
     Ajo, garlic. An auntie of mine had a recipe called "cumin 
potatoes," actually it is a salad with boiled potatoes and a sauce 
consisting of mashed garlic, cumins and olive oil. I mash a garlic clove 
(a fat one) with salt, cumin and an herb (parsley, but lately cilantro) 
a few drops of vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil. When all is mixed I 
dissolve it with a swish of water. That way it all gets well mixed with 
the potatoes. Super! "
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