[Sca-cooks] pinot grigio vs. pinot noir

Ratt rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 7 17:45:04 PDT 2011

Both grapes can be from anywhere in the world.  Pinot Grigio by that 
name is predominately Italian, most of the rest of the world knows it as 
Pinot Gris.  It is used to make White Wine and a few Sparkling Wines.
Pinot Noir is a different Grape altogether is also grown worldwide and 
is predominately used for making Red Wines.  Pinot Noir is also used for 
making Sparkling Wines (usually from Burgundy France) it is combined 
with Chardonnay Grapes.  If you ever want the Worlds Best Pinot Noir 
grab a red from Burgundy France.  For the Best Pinot Grigio Pick up an 

There is one other Pinot that is predominately Alsatian and that is the 
Pinto Blanc.  It makes a very nice dry white wine.

On 8/7/2011 4:32 PM, Michael Gunter wrote:
>> Okay, what is the difference?
>> Stefan
> The most obvious is that Pinot Grigio is a white wine and
> Pinot Noir is a red.

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