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Sun Aug 7 23:44:31 PDT 2011

I don't think Ramsey is a hack but I don't know if he is THAT great. :)
Sometimes I fully agree with the @ss chewing. Some of the mistakes the
competitors make is unbelievably stupid. Stuff that fast food crew members
do because they don't know any better or the concept of being safe and
sanitary hasn't quite sunk in due to age level, hormones and/or mental
Of coarse I have noticed that there seems to be an abundance of British and
Aussy chefs on TV telling us what to eat and how to cook.
Yes I have seen Lydia on PBS though I haven't seen the risotto one.


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yes, Ramsay is a hack and a people abuser, IMHO.  have you ever had the good
luck to watch Lidia Bastianach's shows on Italian...one of her very first
shows on PBS did have a correct risotto recipe on it.  she still is on some
PBS stations...but i miss Julia the most.

I've eaten at her restauraunts in Pittsburgh and Kansas City, and used to go
to KC a lot as a special treat after work.  always consistently good, and
sometimes excellent!  Celina Tio got robbed on Iron Chef, and she made the
best haute cuisine in KC for several years.

all my opinion, but i like good food.

HL Iohannes, Pentamere

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