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Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 9 10:43:43 PDT 2011

> I don't think Ramsey is a hack but I don't know if he is THAT great. :)

Ramsey is most definately not a hack. You don't get several Three Michelin
Starred restaurants by being a poser.
He IS a bully, vain, a liar, driven, a showboater and ambitious. Which is what
makes him a successful chef and businessman. 
He has also shown himself to be a rather kind man and fun to be with. For all
of his abuse and insanity, his staffers in all of his places (even the ones he 
used to actually work at) are immensly loyal to him. He openly admits his failures
as well as his successes. 
Hell's Kitchen should be an embarassment. I agree with Bourdain on this one, 
"Yet another collection of nitwits from the bottom of the barrel whose only purpose
is to be abused for good television."
> Of coarse I have noticed that there seems to be an abundance of British and
> Aussy chefs on TV telling us what to eat and how to cook.
> Yes I have seen Lydia on PBS though I haven't seen the risotto one.

I do find it amusing at the sudden surge of British cooking since it has always been
considered the worst food around. Now having several British cookbooks as well as
getting "Delicious" magazine belies my words. I also hope to have an A&S event loosely
based around a period tavern where I can teach and make traditional pub type dishes.
(The event will have everything geared toward a tavern or its environs. Brewers, bards,
pottery makers, woodworkers, etc...even a rapier collegium. Then that night we all 
get together and put it all together to try to make a fun period tavern with altercations
that are "taken outside". 
> De

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