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Tue Aug 9 12:22:20 PDT 2011

On Tue, 9 Aug 2011, James Prescott wrote:

> At 12:43 PM -0500 8/9/11, Michael Gunter wrote:
>>  I do find it amusing at the sudden surge of British cooking since it has 
>> always been
>>  considered the worst food around.
> Many years ago, driving around the Lake District, we noticed a sign on
> a rural pub: "Lamb Steaks".  Had to stop.
> Absolutely wonderful.  Not foodie stuff, just simple excellent cooking.
> So I've for many years known that sometimes in the most obscure places
> in the UK you can sometimes get good food.  Their Indian and vegetarian
> restaurants were very often excellent, but that doesn't quite count as
> offsetting the usual semi-vile stuff.
> Thorvald

Every time we have been to England we've always eaten in pubs. I have 
never had a bad meal at a pub. I think the cuisine that is meant 
when British cooking is reviled is Victorian 
boil-everything-to-bland-mush rather than pub fare.

Margaret fitz William

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