[Sca-cooks] Spanish Food of the Middle Ages Recipes

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 14:55:16 PDT 2011

My son is elated that I am letting go of some of my recipes in my blog:
Actually, I am doing it with tongue in cheek. In house we have our own 
system at the end of cookng time like my husband is the one who stands 
over the rice, my son over the pasta. We kick my daughter out or she is 
allowed to read a book out loud in a corner as she never shuts up! - 
That makes her happy. She thinks we are preparing intellectual dishes. . 
. :-D !
I would appreciate any comments on the recipes in the blog that you have 
might have cause I can't lend family members to "preparations" to make 
the recipe right! - Nor do I know how to describe it.

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