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Water historically has always been an interesting topic.  The earliest civilizations in the middle east were water dependent. The Romans were masters of moving large volumes of fresh water. Many of the conflicts of the present day are at least partially connected to water.  Many of the ones in the future will be as well.  The flows of Colorado River and the Rio Grand complicate relations between the US and Mexico.  Issues regarding the waters of the Great Lakes complicate relations between the US and Canada. The disastrous mismanagement of the flows into Ural Sea has regional if not global consequences.  

Ground water aquifers are being pumped, i.e. depleted, at rates that are not sustainable though out the world.  This substantially documented in the US and Australia.  Over pumping of groundwater has resulted in subsidence of the land surface throughout the world, Mexico City, Mexico, Houston, Texas, the Imperial Valley of California, the Po River Valley of Italy are prime examples. 

People in general have no understanding of the water cycle.  They do not understand that water is rarely created or destroyed but is continually recycled.  That means that every molecule of water in every living thing on earth has passed through countless other living things.  In one end and out the other.  There is no magic spring in the French filling up Perrier Bottles.  The water that comes out of the aquifer may have been thousands of years in that aquifer but before it went in it was whizz and will be whizz again before it returns to the ground.    

Pumps alone are not the solution to water supply problems, water purification be it filtration, chemical treatment, or, desalinization alone is not the solution.  Water supply problems can only be properly addressed through planning and resource  management.  That means hard, unpleasant, unpopular decisions.


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I think I took "agua" -water - too lightly in my blog. There is a thesis 
going on that water will be worth more than its weight in gold in the 
future. On Sunday, 7 Aug 11, Mercurio newspaper there was an article 
about a Chilean invented water pump to purify water at low cost. It 
pointed out that 1,100 million people have to drink impure water from 
which many die. The new pump is being given to  Chilean areas at least 
but the catch is to produce solar electricity I think. Anyway the 
product comes from: Centro de Innvación Avanzada de Viña de Mar.

Catherine of Lancaster, wife of Henry III of Castile at the turn of the 
15th C died an alcoholic of wine. Wine was the breakfast beverage in 
Castile at least.

Please take a look at my blog to see what comments you can contribute.


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