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It must be some wrong with the archive of your blog, I wanted to post my
comment but didn't find any AGUA and I searched the term with the blog's own
search engine. No agua was found.
Can you send me the link to the term?
I like your blog and appreciate your work, should not be possible if you
added Google's own search motor to it? It coul facilitate the navigation,
now the blog is too big to find terms!

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 2:39 AM, Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ana,
> Thank you so much for this comment. Would it be possible for you to share
> it with my readers at:
> http://spanishfoodma.blogspot.**com/ <http://spanishfoodma.blogspot.com/>
> under "agua."
> Suey
> You wrote:
>> The Indian ecologist Vandana Shiva wrote a book called "Water Wars", worth
>> to read, about the struggle for the strategical control of the world's
>> biggest water acquifers.
>> The Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestine is not so much about
>> historical or political reasons but about control of the water.
>> The Israeli agriculture is totally based on water taken from the land
>> controlled by Palestina and Jordan, the Jordan river. The future control
>> of
>> the palestinian sources is one of the biggest hinders to an independent
>> Palestinian state.
>> When I was in Gaza the most appalling thing was the permanent shooting of
>> Israeli soldiers against water purification stations. When they became
>> military targets is still a riddle for me.
>> Ana
>>  What you wrote about Gaza is gordo!
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