[Sca-cooks] New 'invention' of medieval food?

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Fri Aug 19 04:12:58 PDT 2011

I got a response to my email. What.a.git. Just a sample:

> "It has taken me 10 years of research to put the Ale-Gar together and 
> there is a need to go back to the 13th and 14th centuries to follow 
> its progression and development, if only there was a 15th century 
> recipe waiting and ready it would have made life so much simpler !!"

Funny, I could have sworn (as he has it in writing on his website) that 
he used a 15th c recipe. So this statement simply baffles me.

> "The word "Vinegar"derives from the Latin "Vin Aicer" (two words and 
> not the
> one), meaning "wine soured".
> The old French language bought the word to the English in the form of "vin
> aigre" eventually being Anglo saxonised to the word we know today 
> "vinegar".
> Hence when a product is made with Ale- that in effect has become sour it
> becomes "ale aigre" or once again Anglo saxonised it becomes "Ale-gar". "

'Anglo saxonized'. OMG! He's a linguist too! Coining new words right and 

The word is vinegar, idiot. Which in the 15th c was known to be made of 
wine, cider, or ale. No fancy new word needed. But you can't trademark 
'vinegar'. ;-)

> "With regards to your other comments, I for one have never stated that 
> Chocolate Malt derived from the 15th century!"

No, but he did say he was using a 15th c recipe (that doesn't actually 
exist) and if there's Chocolate stout in it, it is not a 15th c recipe!

> " And clearly point out that I have used a chocolate Malt in the 
> brewing process, to enhance the flavour profile of the product." 

Because we all know that medieval stuff is too bland (except when 
they're over-spicing it to cover up the rancid meat) and that modern 
palates are sooo much more sophisticated. </snark>

Clearly the gang on SCA Cooks has ruined my appreciation for Fine Dining 
a la Alan Coxon! I obviously don't appreciate the mastery of food and 
history he displays, to have invented malt vinegar!

Where's the aspirin? And Master A, are there any comestibles about? I'm 
pretty desperate...


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